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Want to find out more about how you can get involved? We've included some of our favourite ways to pitch in with WETAP below.

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Become a volunteer

Like any charity, WETAP is only as strong as the community that rallies around it. Much of our work is supported by the help of volunteers.

There are lots of different ways to get involved with us as a volunteer:

  • Pass on your passion as a programme volunteer
  • Offer to run a workshop or short course
  • Run a fundraiser to help WETAP keep making the arts accessible

All volunteers involved in programmes are required to clear police vetting before being able to interact with children.

Partner with us

Whether you're a business or a course provider, we love partnering creatively with locals to unlock the empowerment of the arts for even more kids across the Hutt Valley.

We offer a range of partnership arrangements for businesses looking to give back to the community. These include single scholarship sponsorship or subsiding programmes to increase financial accessibility.

We also welcome proposals for arts course providers interested in offering a programme through our platform. We work with you to create a model which maximises benefits for you as a provider and participating children.

Host us at your school

Our aim is to reach as many children through as many schools in Awakairangi Lower Hutt as possible. We welcome every and any opportunity to bring programmes to new schools!

If you're an interested teacher at a school not currently part hosting WETAP programmes, get in touch with us. If you're a parent with a child at such a school, contact us and your school principal to highlight a potential programme you'd like to see.

If your school already participates and you'd like to see a program not currently offered run in your school, contact us and your school principal  to raise the possibility. If there's an appetite, we'll consider it!


Being a small charitable trust, we run on the smell of an oily rag. We rely largely on grants and programme enrolments to keep the gears turning. It's support from local businesses and one-off donations which help us branch out and offer more children the chance to be experience the arts.

We welcome donations of any size, and have a range of options available for you to consider.

Donors over a certain amount are recognised on te rākau atawhai. We install a gold leaf bearing a message of your choosing on the giving tree mural in the Waterloo School hall, as well as recognise your contribution on our website.