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Woollies gift SPCA winter warmth with new blanket

A close up view of the blanket made by the Waterloo ‘Woollies’ knitting club for the SPCA Wellington [Souce: WETAP]
The ‘Woollies’ knitting club presented their hard work to a Wellington SPCA Officer at Waterloo School today, marking a term’s worth of dedicated stitching by the young team.

Jennifer,  an Animal Rights Officer for the Wellington SPCA, joined the group in the school hall where they presented her with the blanket. The kids took great joy in telling her which part of the blanket they had each knitted.

The ‘Woollies’ club present their blanket to the SPCA Officer

A big well done to the Waterloo ‘Woollies’ club for producing such a great blanket, and a sincere thank you to Jennifer for taking the time to come and talk to the kids.

The ‘Woollies’ club operates currently at both Gracefield and Waterloo Schools. The programme is free, but incredibly popular so spaces are limited.

Click here for more information on the Woollies programme.